The Benefits of Centrifugal Casting

The Benefits of Centrifugal Casting

Centrifugal Casting offers obvious advantages over static casting for cylindrical shaped parts, such as tubes, sleeves and pipe. Did you know that adding a spin to castings not traditionally produced using the Centrifugal Casting process, can produce a better part?*  Parts such as propellers, sprockets and gears, to name a few, can be successfully cast using the Centrifugal Casting process, increasing quality and yield.

non-traditional propeller sprocket


Below are a few advantages of Centrifugal Casting, no matter what the casting shape.

The primary advantage of the Centrifugal Casting process is its increase in yield over static casting or gravity casting.  Most castings that can be made using the centrifugal process don’t need gates and risers, which results in better material utilization, or yield.  Eliminating gates and risers also reduces cleaning time.


Using permanent molds to centrifugally cast a part considerably reduces molding time, core making and setting time.

Due to higher casting yields, there is less metal waste, effectively reducing melt operating costs and increasing furnace capacity.

Other benefits of Centrifugal Casting are as follows:

  • Directional solidification can usually be controlled with Centrifugal Casting. This control offers the user a uniform casting.  Mechanical properties are nearly equal in all directions and no significant variation in chemical composition exists.  With some materials, an increase in density over sand castings is achieved.
  • Castings made using the centrifugal process are generally free of internal porosity caused by trapped particles. This is because slag-oxides and other free particles are usually lighter than the base metal.  The difference in density results in the lighter particles collecting on the inner surface of the casting.

*CCMCO uses simulation, field experience, and  R&D, to determine whether it is advantageous to us the Centrifugal Casting process to make a particular casting.

What it your experience?  Please send us a picture and a description of the most unusual part you have successfully cast using the Centrifugal Casting process.