Coating Is Key To Achieving Great Casting Quality

Greetings Centrifugal Casters!

Did you know that having well-made vibration dampening machinery is important to your success in producing quality castings, but your process knowledge is as critical?

For our friends who make their own machines we say “Great”!  We talk to those customers and some have great success with their homemade machines while others are not as successful.   Of course, sometimes this is due to badly designed and executed equipment but sometimes this is due to not knowing what to do with your machinery once you have it!

People always look at me in surprise when I say that I think die (refractory) coating, or in our American parlance, Mold Wash, is the single most important item to quality casting production.  The type of coating and the application process are to be taken very seriously.

So, homemade machine makers, if you are getting casting defects take a look at coating first!

CCMCO offers a host of coating solutions, depending on the alloy you are pouring.

We’ve got some other information about what might be causing your defects here.

Spincast Defects Poster

I guess what I’m saying is that we can help achieve great casting quality even if we didn’t make the machinery.  Please get in touch if you would like CCMCO’s help in refining your process!