Mold Coating Equipment

CCMCO offers mold-coating materials that are very important for protecting the mold, forming the proper metallurgical structures, and aiding extraction. SVP is a specifically formulated universal wash suitable for producing ferrous or non-ferrous castings.


  • SVP is available in raw material form or concentrated premixed solution in 55 gallon drums.
  • We supply the SVP wash formulation most suitable for the castings to be made.
  • Other proprietary mold coatings are offered for certain metals, products, and special applications.

Mold Coating Process Equipment and Technology

CCMCO assists the customer in selecting the appropriate mold wash material and spray application process/equipment for high quality castings

  • Spray lances
  • Heads
  • Cars
  • Guns
  • Tanks

*Due to the abrasive nature of mold wash, we keep a ready inventory of replacement spray devices.


Because most of the horizontal centrifugal casting machines CCMCO manufactures use the hot mold-wet wash method of coating, we develop mold wash application processes to suit the product.

  • They are highly adjustable and effective mold wash application devices.
  • Automatic spraying can be performed in less time with more consistent and uniform thickness than manual spraying.
  • Casting surface finish can be varied to meet certain specifications.