GIFA 2015

Greetings Centrifugal Casters!  Our team just returned from the GIFA trade fair held every four years in Dusseldorf, Germany.  The show resulted in a robust group of visitors, some of whom are very experienced centrifugal casters and some of whom are new to the process and interested in learning more.

One market that continues to stand out is the sand casters who have product that might be advantageously cast using the centrifugal process.  I know when I talk to cylinder liner and piston ring producers who are sand casting a perfectly cylindrical liner, I cringe!  This product is made for our process!

Some of the advantages of centrifugal casting over sand casting for cylindrical parts are:

  • Better Casting Quality
  • Higher Casting Yield
  • A reduction in cleaning room costs

In some cases sand casting foundries are being put under pressure from customers to centrifugally cast certain parts as the superior casting quality is made clear!

Let us know if you would like to put the centrifugal spin on your cylindrical sand cast parts!