Model CB

Style: Horizontal


Models and Specifications: ( US Units )

Model NO. WT. LIMIT(LBS) Casting Size OD MIN. Casting Size OD MAX. Casting Length MIN Casting Length MAX
CB-5-5 5 5
CB-16-8 500 4 16 3 8
CB-16-16 500 4 16 3 16
CB-24-24 1000 4 24 6 24
CB-30-30 3000 4 30 6 30
CB-36-36 3000 4 36 6 36
CB-45-45 4000 4 45 12 45

Babbitt Bearings

CCMCO offers two machine models for the lining of Babbitt Bearings. Our Model CB series machines, which utilize our C spindle, are one of our most popular and consistent sellers. The bearing shell to be lined is mounted between two faceplates and secured with multiple centering bosses on each side.

CCMCO’s Model CBs have been supplied all over the world and provide a functional design that produces a quality lined bearing while taking into account the ease of use and operator safety.

Model CB machines offer a varied range of sizes to support our babbitting customers’ needs.

Standard features include:

  • Manual and electronic safety measures
  • PLC and HMI interface with recipe ability
  • AC variable speed motor/drive package

For bearings larger in weight, diameter and/or length, CCMCO offers a DFP machine. This machine can be sized to the customer needs. It offers a CCMCO heavy duty D spindle, which can spin weights up to 10,000 lbs (455 kgs).

Please contact us about your babbitting needs today!

Applicable Models

Model Style Description
CB Horizontal Select
DFP Horizontal Select