Alloy Steel Tubes

Alloy Steel Tubes include retort, reformer and radiant tubes which are wear parts in multiple industried. CCMCO’s Model M, K and H are ideal for the production of high alloy tubes. These horizontal machines are designed to accommodate permanent metal molds although they may be used with sand-lined flasks. Considered a “high tech” application, alloy steel tubes often require a machine start up with our experts to achieve full benefit of the casting machine.

  • Automatic operation is available.
  • These machines make efficient use of metal.
  • They produce castings with superior metallurgical structure.
  • When determining what machinery you require we will consider whether yours is a high production environment and whether your tubes are “thin wall”, with a wall thickness of 8mm or below or thick wasll with a wall thickness greater than 8 mm.

Applicable Models

Model Style Description
K Horizontal The Model K is one of CCMCO'S top selling machines. The 5 ton capacity offers customers alot of flexibility in diameter and length. Select
H Horizontal With a 15-30 Ton Spin load capacity, the model H machine has been in continous production since the 1950's. The H machine has recently undergone a design expansion in order to meet our customers spin load requirements.  What used to be the H machine is now the H15, H20, and H30. The H series machinery can be used in the production of shells for bi metal steel rolls but the machines prove their worth in the production of heavy wall sheeves or tubes. Select
M Horizontal Model M casting machines can accommodate a range of sizes of mold diameters as well as lengths. With a 2.5 ton Spin load capacity, the M machine is popular in Job Shop settings.  The M can handle ferrous and non ferrous alloys. Select