Cylinder Liner & Ring Stock

Products in this category include: Cylinder liners, Engine Sleeves, and Piston Rings. CCMCO offers its customers a wide array of choices for producing these parts based upon size and production rates.

Key Features

  • Precise components and assembly result in an exceptionally smooth running and uniform casting operation.
  • Mold design and coating technology assure clean, exceptionally dense structures, smooth finishes and minimum machine stock.
  • The RC, in particular, has a small space requirement, has high production with minimal man power and requires a simple foundation.

Applicable Models

Model Style Description
M Horizontal Model M casting machines can accommodate a range of sizes of mold diameters as well as lengths. With a 2.5 ton Spin load capacity, the M machine is popular in Job Shop settings.  The M can handle ferrous and non ferrous alloys. Select
AM Horizontal Select