Rolls and Sleeves

CCMCO provides equipment for a host of roll applications including including Bi-Metal Steel Rolls produced on our horizontal machines and rolls that are produced on vertical machinery.

Key Features

  • These machines are capable of centrifugally casting cast iron, alloy irons, high chromium iron, nickel chromium alloys, carbon and low alloy steels, stainless steels and high alloy steels.
  • Castings can be made in a variety of diameters and weights.
  • CCMCO has provided horizontal roll casting machinery to several of the world’s most well known Bi-Metal Steel Roll producers. A partial customer list includes Walzen Irle GmbH, United Foundries, Tata Yodogawa, Eisenwerke Sulzan Frau, China First Heavy Industries. CCMCO Model H, HD, HS, and HT are the machines most appropriate for spinning bi-metal steel rolls.
  • Rolls are considered to be a “High Tech” Application. CCMCO’s metallurgist, Dr. Sufei Wei, has worked in many roll facilities throughout the world to develop the CCMCO process which combines our proven machine technology with necessary technical know-how to help customers reduce scrap and produce consistent quality castings.
  • CCMCO provides Vertical equipment for crusher and pulveriser rolls (Rolls where the diameter of the casting is larger than the height of the casting). CCMCO Model C, D, VSC, VF, VRM, VRSM are the machines most appropriate for spinning vertical rolls.

Applicable Models

Model Style Description
K Horizontal The Model K is one of CCMCO'S top selling machines. The 5 ton capacity offers customers alot of flexibility in diameter and length. Select
H Horizontal With a 15-30 Ton Spin load capacity, the model H machine has been in continous production since the 1950's. The H machine has recently undergone a design expansion in order to meet our customers spin load requirements.  What used to be the H machine is now the H15, H20, and H30. The H series machinery can be used in the production of shells for bi metal steel rolls but the machines prove their worth in the production of heavy wall sheeves or tubes. Select
HS Horizontal The model HS machine is commonly used by some of the biggest names in roll production worldwide. With a 45 Ton Spin Load capacity, this machine is seen as a workhorse in shell production. The Model HS machine is custom sized at customer request but can cast sleeves or shells 6 M and beyond and 1.5 Meters in diameter. Select
HT Horizontal Select
D-FP Horizontal Select
C-FP Horizontal Select