Research and Development

CCMCO works with customers in the development of new processes and verification of existing ones through use of CCMCO’s R&D facility, which is equipped with both a horizontal and vertical centrifugal casting machine and is capable of centrifugal casting both ferrous and non-ferrous parts. The research work includes true and semi-centrifugal as well as the centrifuge processes. The casting weights vary from a fraction of a pound to several tons. The research work also covers mold wash, permanent mold coating, mold materials. In addition, the most powerful casting process simulation available, ProCAST, is used to simulate metal flow, solidification and thermal and mechanical stresses in the castings and molds.

  • Heavy-duty bi-metal brake drums by true centrifugal casting process.
  • Welding rods by vertical centrifuge casting process.
  • Small casting by true centrifugal casting process.
  • Improvement of efficiency of fraction-horsepower motors by centrifuge casting process.
  • Large copper motor rotor casting by true centrifugal casting process.
  • Mold materials.
  • Mold coating materials.
  • Computer simulations of pipe pouring process.
  • Computer simulation of fluid flow in brake drum casting process.
  • Computer simulation of soil pipe cooling.
  • Computer simulation of thermal stress and casting deformation.
  • Computer simulation of “jump the gap”.