Trunnion Type Machines

Trunnion type machines use a mold or flask that is supported and rotated by four trunnion wheels. These machines are used for producing castings that have lengths longer that their diameter.

Common castings produced on trunnion type machines include bushings, bearings, cylinder liners, piston rings, pipe, and steel tubes and sleeves.

De Lavaud Type Machines

The deLavaud type machines are used in the production of ductile iron water pipe. These machines utilize metal molds, which are water cooled by means of a water jacket.
Ductile Iron Pipe plants include much more that just the centrifugal pipe machines. Other necessary equipment for a successful pipe plant includes molds, mold preparation equipment, annealing furnace pipe cleaning station, pipe coating station and pipe handling systems. CCMCO can either provide the complete plant or individual items.

Dual Faceplate Machines - Babbitting

The Dual Faceplate machine for babbitting utilizes a bearing shell clamped between two faceplates. These machines are  a solution that offers the Buyer flexibility to line shells of many different diameter/length combinations.

-Dual Faceplate Machines - Sleeves, Tubes, Liners

This dual faceplate machine is used for producing sleeves, tubes, and liners. It provides an economical automatic solution for high production of cylinder liners and other sleeve type castings. Using only one operator, this machines allows for quick setup time and mold changeover.