Ductile Iron Water Pipe

CCMCO offers complete machine lines for the production of Ductile Iron Water Pipe. CCMCO’s PRH machines use the deLavaud process and have been tried and tested in the field throughout the world.

Key Features:

  • The PRH machine can be operated in full automatic mode or in the manual mode.
  • A programmable control system allows the customer to program the mold RPM’s, pour rate, longitudinal speed, and dwell times for each pipe size to be produced.
  • Size to size mold changes can be made in less than one hour and size changes can be made in less than three hours.
  • With the PRH machine, emphasis is on ease of install low maintenance service. The CCMCO PRH machine is considered the “workhorse” of the industry.
  • Ductile iron technology can include complete production techniques, including desulphurization treatments, process control, quality control, training, and start-up on site.
  • These machines can be quoted individually or with auxiallary equipment such as bitumen and zinc coating, ovality correction and other pipe handling options.