List of Centrifugal Casting Applications

Simply select your application from the following listing to find the right CCMCO equipment.

Cast Iron Soil Pipe

CCMCO’s Model SPK machine line is ideal for the production of 10′ long Cast Iron […]

Non-Ferrous Castings

This category includes a diverse array of castings made by such materials as copper, bronze, […]

Brake Drums

CCMCO provides equipment for the lining of steel drum shells with cast iron. CCMCO has […]

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Babbitt Bearings

CCMCO offers two machine models for the lining of Babbitt Bearings. Our Model CB series […]

Rolls and Sleeves

CCMCO provides equipment for a host of roll applications including including Bi-Metal Steel Rolls produced […]

Cylinder Liner & Ring Stock

Products in this category include: Cylinder liners, Engine Sleeves, and Piston Rings. CCMCO offers its […]

Electric Motor Rotors

CCMCO’s model AR and CR are ideal for centrifugally casting electric motor rotors. Key Features […]

Ductile Iron Water Pipe

CCMCO offers complete machine lines for the production of Ductile Iron Water Pipe. CCMCO’s PRH […]

Alloy Steel Tubes

Alloy Steel Tubes include retort, reformer and radiant tubes which are wear parts in multiple […]