Conical Shaped Casting

Greetings Centrifugal Casters!  What’s the coolest casting you’ve ever centrifugally cast? Here is an awesome, relatively recent, shot:   A conical shaped casting produced on a Model D-WC pit mounted vertical machine located in Pune, India.

Coating Is Key To Achieving Great Casting Quality

Greetings Centrifugal Casters! Did you know that having well-made vibration dampening machinery is important to your success in producing quality castings, but your process knowledge is as critical? For our friends who make their own machines we say “Great”!  We talk to those customers and some have great success with their homemade machines while others […]

GIFA 2015

Greetings Centrifugal Casters!  Our team just returned from the GIFA trade fair held every four years in Dusseldorf, Germany.  The show resulted in a robust group of visitors, some of whom are very experienced centrifugal casters and some of whom are new to the process and interested in learning more. One market that continues to […]